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Turnkey Solutions 3-Re


Platform reuse is implemented as an alternative option to the conventional custom design and construction practices of offshore platforms to accelerate production schedule, especially for small and marginal fields.

IEV’s Platform Reuse Solutions employs the proven engineering practices from the Gulf of Mexico to develop your new oil and gas fields using refurbished structures and equipment, a solution that could reduce field development time by as much as 50%. Reuse platforms can be supplied as fast as 6 months from receipt of Letter of Award (LOA). IEV offers turnkey solutions ranging from structure matching and supply of refurbished platforms according to applicable engineering standards as well as obtaining necessary local approvals to import and installations.

After a successful criteria match, the reuse platform candidate is put through an intense refurbishment program conducted by our team of highly‐skilled engineers and technicians. Every critical section of the refurbished platform including deck and topside facilities are subjected to a meticulous inspection and certification process by industry approved agencies before delivering it to client.

If you are looking for a cost effective solution to develop your marginal fields, Platform Reuse Solutions may be an ideal development option. Apart from reducing time to first oil by as much as 50%, we can help reduce your capital expenditure by supplying assets that can cost up to 40% lower than conventional methods.

All structures and equipment supplied come with standard warranty and required certification. Asset remaining life studies are also provided for refurbished equipment.

Ageing assets carry much higher value than the worth of scrap steel. Oil and gas platforms are designed with a high level of redundancy and can survive far beyond their designed fatigue life, as proven in many platform rejuvenation or life extension projects. We can help you to recycle your offshore platforms and find buyers who may be able to use your decommissioned assets for their new field development and thus partially offsetting your decommissioning cost and residual liability.

The higher value resulted from the sales of platforms, especially topside and processing equipment could significantly reduce your overall decommissioning costs. We currently offer an inventory of ageing and already decommissioned assets to potential customers and can assist you to find a potential match for the reuse of your assets.



  • Feasibility & Enhanced Study
  • Decommissioning
  • Procurement
  • Engineering & Refurbishment or Modification
  • Load-Out & Transportation
  • Permitting
  • Importation
  • Installation
  • Hook-Up & Commissioning
  • Host Tie-In

The First
We are the first contractor in the Asia Pacific region to implement a turnkey EPCIC project utilising platform reuse concept in 2011, involving Engineering, Procurement, Supply, Delivery, Hook‐Up and Commissioning of a refurbished Wellhead platform, pipelines and host tie‐in to an existing platform.

Our years of experience in decommissioning and jacket installation solutions enabled us to understand and undertake the platform reuse concept faster than most players in the market. To date, we have successfully participated in the removal of 18 offshore structures including 2 turnkey Engineering, Procurement, Removal and Disposal (EPRD) projects. We have provided supporting services for the installation of more than 40 fixed platforms in the Asia Pacific region. In collaboration with our strategic alliance partner, we now have the capability to provide an integrated platform reuse solution starting from platform criteria match to the supply , installation and commissioning of refurbished platforms at the new location.

Data and Intelligence
The first step to our Platform Reuse Solution is to source for the closest matching candidate(s) to meet your design parameters and criteria, development schedule and budget. We have developed an extensive database and market intelligence to find the best fit option to meet your needs.

Project Management & Engineering
Our skilled and experienced workforce combined with project management capabilities to undertake EPCIC contract will be able to propose engineering solutions that can be executed from yard to field within budget and schedule.


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